A Brief History or Glass Blown Bongs

Glass blown bongs have their history in Venice where the art of glass making originated. It all began on the island of Murano where the artisans were based. Venice was the gateway to Europe after the end of the Silk Road that traveled through the Orient and the Middle East with spices and the finest tobacco known to exist at the time. It arrived in Venice, and it quickly became a luxury product that needed to be smoked with finesse and style.

Merchants wanted to sell the tobacco with a unique product from Venice that would enable to up-sell the product even more than before. This is how the glass blown bong was created in response the growing rise in smokers looking for something unique and special. The bong has its roots in a basic glass blown pipe that eventually evolved into the modern bong that is used today. It took some time before the product was perfected, but glass blowers have been able to build on their knowledge to create the luxurious glass bongs in existence today.

Today’s bong are stronger than their ancestors, and they are specially designed to enhance the smoking experience. If you are a true lover of smoking, then you need to own a glass blown bong to best understand the experience that separates the amateurs from the true lovers of smoking. This is your chance to create a lifestyle choice that will enable you to reach the next level of smoking.